Township Road Information

List of Crooked Lake Township Maintained Roads

1st Avenue

67th Avenue

Andrus Lake Road

Bear Paw-56th Avenue

Birch Bay Road

Birch Avenue

Bloodroot Lane

Bloodroot Court

Brookside Pass

Coontail Drive

Cranberry Lane

Eastburn Road

Edith Street

Fawkes Ridge - 12th Street

Fehrs Road

Lake Lawrence Trail

Lawrence Point Trail

Lois Lane

Lower Longwood Drive

Longwood Point Lane

Longwood Point Road

Michigan Street

Minnesota (1st) Street

Muchow Road

Outing Street

Parsonage Lane

Parsonage Trail

Peninsula Road

Plummer Point Road

Quentin Road

Roosevelt Shores Drive

Royal Oaks Drive

Shady Lane

Sheridan Woods Lane

Smoky Hollow Road

South Lake Lawrence Road

Sunset Hill Road

West Leavitt Road

Wisconsin Street

Wood Lakes Boulevard

Woods Bay Drive

Ziers Lane



Crooked Lake Township Snow Removal Policy


When directed by the majority of board members or the Sheriffs Dept. the Township will make an emergency plowing effort through private property. No other plowing of private property will be allowed.

HELP PROTECT OUR ROADS- Have your propane tanks filled before March and after May if at all possible to help prevent the large heavy trucks from tearing up township roads. Road restrictions are posted on township roads in accordance with County restrictions.

The township plows approximately 35 separate roads that total 63 lane miles. A snow plowing plan is set that gives priority to school bus routes on school days. The plowing order is reversed on non-school days. The first goal is to make the road passable; widening and clean up may be done later. Sanding is
done at problem locations after snowplowing. Salt will usually be mixed with the sand. Sanding will not be done on entire sections of road.

The township will repair only those mailboxes or fences that are properly located and installed and damaged by actual contact with township equipment. Damage from flying snow is not the responsibility of the township.

Property owners and guests are reminded that it is unlawful to deposit snow from driveways onto or across township roads. Piles of snow left on or near the road can freeze and create a hazardous condition for vehicles and snowplows. Damage caused by these snow piles may result in liability to property owners. Vehicle owners are reminded not to park on the driving surface of the road. They
present a hazard to snowplows, emergency vehicles and other traffic. Vehicles parked on roadways may result in liability to the owner.

In emergency situations contact law enforcement, emergency personnel or 911.
Direct any questions to a township supervisor.


Road Right of Ways

Please refer to the Minnesota Association of Townships Website ( for an overview of the cutting, trimming, spraying, and mowing of township road right-of-ways. Thank you.

Road Seasonal Load Limits

To find out the seasonal load limits for any road in Minnesota, please visit the MN Dept. of Transportations website-------

Mailbox Replacement Posts

Crooked Lake Township has decided to use metal swing out posts as replacements for those mailboxes that have problems with winter plowing and snow removal.  These are the same posts used by Cass County, from which the Township will be purchasing these posts at a cost of $25.00 per post. The Crooked Lake Township Board would like to encourage all present and future homeowners to purchase and install these standard metal swing posts for their mailboxes. These can be purchased from the Township at cost. Contact any Supervisor for help.  Thank you.