Township Supervisors

Mark Skjolsvik  218-763-3338  Email:
  Duties: Chairperson, County Variance Request Monitoring, Community Recognition Nominees, Lakes/Shores
               Liaison, EMS Liaison
Connie Glass  218-838-1619  Email:
  Duties: Vice Chairperson, Backup Road Supervisor, Clean-up Day, Dust Mitigation-CLT Roads
Jim Thielen  612-868-0875  Email:
  Duties: Buildings/Grounds, Budget, MATIT Insurance, Road Ambassador Liaison
Dave Thompson  763-592-9329
  Duties: Road Supervisor, Clean-up Day, Dust Mitigation-CLT Roads

Brian Palkovich 612-323-5801    Email: brian.palkovich@crookedlaketownship,com
  Duties: Townhall Scheduling, Outlook Calendar, Website, ZOOM, Recycling/Garbage Station, Weed Inspector

Non-Voting Officers

Terri Datzman  Town Clerk  218-838-1169  

  - Mindi Genz    Deputy Clerk  218-851-7904


LeAnn Werner  Treasurer  218) 821-0518   

  - Mary Eppen    Deputy Treasure  651-201-1047


Township board meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at Crooked Lake Townhall at 6:00 pm.

Office Town Newspaper - The Northland Press (also published in the PineCone Press Citizen)
Township Office posting locations - Town Hall entrance & Canister Station 
Town Depository - Unity Bank

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