Safe Tubing Fun

Tow Boat Driving Tips

Everyone who has ever bought a boat for the family envisions the fun they will have teaching kids how to water-ski or taking them tubing behind it. Just like learning to drive a car, correctly driving a boat for tow sport takes a bit of know how and practice.

Use the correct tow-rope and find out the best way to attach it. Water-ski ropes are typically 75 feet in length, beginner wakeboard ropes typically run between 65 to 75 feet, and tube ropes should fall between 50 to 60 feet.

Rope positioning is different too.  Skiers prefer  Attached the rope to the boat pylon for skiers. But for tubers keep the tow line close to the transom and off a tow eye or low pylon. 

Keep a light touch of the throttle.  "Gunning" it can yank the rope out of the skiers hands causing injury.

Always have a spotter in the watercraft and when a skier or tuber fall idle up to them downwind.  Turn the engine off if the rider is going to climb into the boat.

For other tips and know-how information check out these and other websites. 

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