Roosevelt and Lawrence Area lake Association.

  GoNorth MN

The mission of GoNorth MN is to promote sustainable, fulfilling, prosperous and healthy living for residents of. and visitors to, our five rural lake communities.


A wonderful website with lots of information and pictures about our area.

  Cass County

New to the Cass County website is a more detailed mapping system that users can download or print maps of Cass County. There is a "Help With Mapping" section to use as a guide.

  MN Secretary of State"s Video: "Voting in MN-What You Can Expect"

This 15 minute video, released by MN Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, will educate voters on how to register, how to vote on Election Day, and how to vote by absentee ballot. Go to this website to view, also, new disability ballot-marking technology that will be available for those who would like to use it.

  University of Minnesota Extension Service

For helpful information on septic mound landscaping and maintenance for owners, please visit this site. Look for this publication:   SEPTIC SYSTEMS OWNERS GUIDE----PC-6583

For landscape design publications, refer to SULIS URL in Extension site:  www.sustland.umn.edu