Crooked Lake Town Hall

Crooked Lake Town Hall Rental

6300 Woods Bay Drive                        
Outing, MN  56662             

Schedule Use of Townhall  Contact: Brian Palkovich 612-323-5801

Regulations for Persons or Groups Renting Crooked Lake Townhall

In order to provide cleaner facilities for Town Hall users, we ask that you cooperate with us and leave the building in clean condition. Please follow the rules listed below.

1. Persons asking for the Town Hall use shall be responsible for their group's use of the Hall.

2. Turn off ventilation fan switch, turn off the hot water heater (circuit breaker #27), close all windows and lock all doors before leaving.

3. Wipe tables off and stack chairs.

4. Clean the carpet as well as possible.  Sweep floor as needed.  Brooms and mop are in closet on the Northwest side of the building.

5. Leave kitchen and bathrooms in clean condition.

6. There are towels in the drawers for your use, but if each group will bring their own, it would simplify laundry problems. If you must use a towel from the Hall, please launder and return to the Hall.

7.  Remove your trash from the building.

8.  Rent is $100 per day with a separate $50 damage deposit.

These rules are necessary as rent is nominal, covering only heat, ventilation and lights.